Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brexit and democracy

I have several times in the past predicted that some time in the future, in the western countries, limits will be imposed on democracy (perhaps even to the point that it will be ended completely or, more likely, a system of "faux democracy" will be instituted which keeps up a flimsy pretense of democracy, but in reality is just a full-on oligarchy.) The reason for this is that the modern western culture zeitgeist is going more and more into the direction that "democracy is bad because it allows people to vote for the wrong people and the wrong things."

I predicted this mostly because of the quasi-religious multicultural feminist social justice culture that is permeating the western world, and is stronger than ever, an ideology of self-hatred which sees western culture as completely and irreparably corrupt to the core, which must be eradicated. Because reasons.

However, a very concrete example of this anti-democratic ideology has surfaced from a slightly different tangent: The "Brexit" referendum of the United Kingdom.

The "remain" side lost the referendum, and now they are throwing a hissy fit that's just incredible. Not only do they demand a second referendum (because, you know, if the people vote the wrong way, the solution to that problem is to keep organizing the voting again and again until the people vote the right way), but they are throwing all kinds of anti-democratic sentiments.

For example, one common sentiment is that "old people" should not have the right to vote. You know. These "old people" who fought against the nazis and helped liberating Europe and the western world from genocidal authoritarianism, so that us young people could live in a free democratic society. A democratic society where everybody has the same rights, including universal suffrage. The right that now these young people who didn't get their way want to remove.

Yeah, because that's the solution to all our problems, isn't it? Just bring down democracy and human rights, and build an oligarchy where only the people with the correct opinions are allowed to vote and have a voice, and people with the "wrong" opinions are stripped from their rights.

And, of course, the "elite" of the UK are also having a hissy fit, and openly stating that they should fight against the "masses". They aren't even trying to masquerade it: They want an oligarchy, plain and simple. They want to override and veto the vote of the people, and have the people in charge make all the decisions even if it's against the majority vote.

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