Monday, April 11, 2016

Videogames catering to a microscopic minority

Video game companies are in increasing numbers catering to the demands of social justice warriors, and engaging in self-censorship.

Now, consider that a typical big-name big-budget triple-A game has something 1-2 million customers. Also consider that the number or social justice warriors complaining about such a game is at most 1-2 hundred (and that's quite generous). This means that the game company will be placating to about 0.01% of their customer base.

Although, in fact, that number is completely wrong. That's because almost none of those whining social justice warriors are actually buying the game. At most maybe 10-20 will be buying it, if even that. In other words, the game company will be catering to about 0.001% of their actual customers.

The voice and opinions of the remaining 99.999% of their customers don't matter. At all.

This is how powerful social justice warriors are. And nobody elected them to speak on their behalf. It's almost scary.

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