Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Feminism benefits men too"

A common adage among modern progressive feminists is that "feminism benefits men too". However, one has to understand what they really mean by that.

Does it mean that feminists are equally concerned about problems that primarily face men? Like significantly higher suicide rates, longer and harsher prison sentences for the same crimes (which is the case in surprisingly many countries), unequal treatment in child custody disputes, and so on and so forth?

No. They may pay lip service to those problems if directly asked, but hell will freeze before you see a tumblr or twitter feminist campaign, or a protest march, or any such thing, to raise awareness and combat those problems. Feminists might pay lip service to those problems, but they aren't really interested in them, nor are going to do any activism to combat them.

No, what feminists mean with "feminism benefits men too" is something quite different. You see, modern progressive feminism has this dogma that absolutely hates and abhors masculinity, and typical masculine traits, such as stoicism, competitiveness and aggressiveness. They simply cannot comprehend nor accept that men are stoic and competitive by nature, and instead have this dogma that men have been brainwashed by society, by our culture, to be so, against their innate instinctive personalities. They can't understand that they are reversing cause and effect here. (It's not culture that causes men to be stoic and competitive; it's the other way around: Typical masculine culture is caused by men being naturally stoic and competitive.) And of course they consider stereotypical masculine traits to be negative and detrimental.

So when feminists say that "feminism helps men too", what they really mean is that their goal is to shame men for their innate personality traits, and to brainwash them into trying to behave contrary to those traits. Those personality traits are, of course, considered negative and detrimental.

In other words, this "helping men" has nothing to do with their rights and equality. It's about shaming them and brainwashing them into fitting a feminist mold.

If you were to ask a feminist what they think about those certain Christian sects that try to teach and brainwash gays not to be gay, they would consider it abhorrent. Yet that's exactly what their goal is about masculinity: Their goal is to try to teach and brainwash men not to be masculine.

The next time you hear some feminist talking about how feminism helps men too, start paying attention to the details, to what they are saying about masculinity and how exactly feminism is going to "help them".

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