Sunday, May 17, 2015

The concept of "cultural appropriation" is racist

Treating people not as individuals, but as members of an ethnic group, in other words, classifying people by their ethnicity, and then attributing to all members of that group certain characteristics, responsibilities or achievements, based on the sole premise that they belong to that ethnic group, is racism. You might not think it's racism, but it is the very definition of racism. It's exactly what racism is about.

Saying that a person has some responsibilities or deserves some kind of recognition because said person belongs to a specific ethnic group, and because those responsibilities or recognition are inherently attributed to that ethnic group as a whole, is racism. In other words, not looking at the person as an individual, looking at his or her own accomplishments, works and achievements, but instead only seeing the ethnic group rather than the individual, just because that person happens to have a certain skin color, is racism.

The whole concept of "cultural appropriation" is inherently racist for those reasons. I don't mean that cultural appropriation is racist. I'm saying that the concept itself is racist. It's racist because it does not treat people as individuals, but instead categorizes them into groups based on race, and assigns privileges and responsibilities based in that race. It gives some people extra privileges or extra responsibilities for belonging to a race (rather than because of personal achievements. In other words, it doesn't matter if you deserve those privileges or responsibilities because of what you have done; you deserve them because of your skin color.)

If you promote the concept of "cultural appropriation", then you are a racist. I'm sorry, but you are. You are dividing people into groups based on their race, and assigning privileges and responsibilities onto them based solely on that, disregarding their personal achievements. That's pure racism. It doesn't matter what your skin color may happen to be, if you promote the concept, then you are a racist by definition.

The whole "cultural appropriation" thing is nothing more than a new form of "equal but separate" racist ideology masquerading as some kind of social justice.

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