Thursday, May 7, 2015

The actual rape culture, addendum

As a continuation of my previous blog post on "rape culture", there is another form of it that has raised its ugly head during the past few decades, and which is highly destructive and detrimental. It literally destroys lives.

Feminists claim that "rape culture" in our society means that rape accusations are not taken seriously and often dismissed. This is a rather strange claim to make, given that reality is pretty much the exact opposite: Rape accusations are usually taken too seriously, to the far extreme.

As a relatively recent high-profile example, read the case of a Columbia University student whose life has been effectively destroyed because of a persistent rape accusation, even though investigation has cleared him of all charges. This case is far from being unique.

This isn't even a question of whether he's actually guilty or not (he most probably isn't, but that's not my main point). It's a question of how our modern society handles such rape accusations. It's a question of our actual rape culture.

He, like so many others in the same position, is pretty much assumed to be guilty until proven innocent (which means, among other things, that he is treated like sub-human trash, put severe restrictions upon, and being constantly watched and harassed), and even after he's found via investigation to be innocent, he is still assumed to be guilty by the public and the media at large.

To a feminist, and to our society at large, a rape accusation is pretty much the equivalent of a conviction of guilt. If a woman accuses you of rape, then you are automatically guilty. No amount of investigation will ever clear you of that charge. Your life will be ruined. You will always be known as a rapist, no matter how innocent you might be in actuality.

This is our actual rape culture. A woman is incapable of lying when making rape accusations. A rape accusation is all that is needed to know that a man is guilty of rape, especially if she's insistent. It doesn't matter what the evidence says; evidence is completely inconsequential.

This is our actual rape culture. A woman in our society has the power to ruin a man's life forever. That man will forever be shunned from society, be considered a second-class citizen, a sub-human, and his life will most probably never recover.

A woman who has been caught red-handed in a false rape accusation, of ruining another person's life, will seldom, if ever, face any consequences for her lies. This would never, ever, ever happen with the genders reversed.

This, my friend, is our actual rape culture.

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