Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Universities becoming totalitarian dictatoriships

Universities, especially after the so-called Age of Enlightenment, have always been bastions of academic freedom, discussion and free speech, where discussion about differing points of view has not only been protected but also encouraged, where both professors and students have been free to express their views and to raise issues and create discussion, without the fear of repercussions (like job loss or repression). The principle of academic freedom, of discussion of differing opinions, has been a core tenet of universities, the driving force behind progress and change.

For some reason this has been changing in recent years, especially in the United Kingdom and many parts of the United States.

Free speech has been replaced with such astonishing concepts as "right to be comfortable" and "no platform policy". These are terms that you would think you could find in some satirical publication like The Onion, but no, they are real.

In more and more universities, especially in the United Kingdom, more and more "progressive" students are demanding, and getting, harsher and harsher limitations on free speech. Anything that they find "uncomfortable" is being shut down, censored, and banned. And if the university does not comply, then such expressions of opinion they don't like are being shouted over via obnoxiously disrupting "protests". It doesn't matter how serious, peaceful and academic the discussion may be, if the subject is something they don't like, they will have it either banned, or will vandalize it via disrupting shouting. Even outright illegal actions (such as pulling fire alarms, which is illegal if there is no reason for it) are not uncommon.

Some studies have shown that at least 4 out of 5 universities in the United Kingdom have this kind of students, and universities are complying with their demands more and more as time passes. And it's this last part that's the most damning aspect of the whole situation. Universities are abandoning their core principles of academic freedom and free speech, and caving into the demands of the "progressive" and "liberal" feminist bullies (because, let's face it, 100% of these people are outspoken feminists and are doing it because of feminism, and they aren't even shy to state so.)

This mob mentality is also seen in seriously overblown reactions to rape accusations. There are infamous cases of false rape accusations in American universities causing days-long protests, with the protesters demanding such things as the castration of the accused... and then it has turned out that the accused were completely innocent and the rape accusations completely false. Even after that those feminists, and most feminists elsewhere, still consider the over-reaction justified, and do not feel any kind of empathy towards the people who were wrongly accused and harassed in this manner.

These feminists also lie quite a lot. For example, a common claim is that 1 female student in 5 has been sexually harassed in some American universities. When actual studies were performed, it turned out that the real number was closer to 0.03 in 5.

What happened to these universities? How did they change from bastions of academic freedom into totalitarian dictatorial churches with complete and absolute intolerance for any differing creed, belief or opinion, and where such "uncomfortable" opinions are censored, shunned, banned and punished?

Well, feminism happened. Social justice warriors happened. Feminism is an extremely toxic movement that poisons everything it touches. It's actually amazing the power it has to convert freedom into utter intolerance.

Think I'm exaggerating? Well, a feminist student at Harvard University recently published an article advocating for the ending of academic freedom, and replacing it with her brand of social justice. See here.

(It's amazing how feminism makes me agree with Fox News of all things. Feminism has this incredible power to make me feel dirty.)

Please also read this article by the New York Times. Read the entire article, because it's excellent. Especially read the last four paragraphs.

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