Monday, March 30, 2015

Daylight saving time

I really can't understand why daylight saving time is still a thing. Study after study after study shows that its economic effect is negative. In other words, DST causes more overall economic losses than benefits, it increases overall electric consumption (which is highly ironic given that the idea with DST is primarily to decrease electric consumption), it affects negatively things like farming, and it has negative health effect on people (which is of course bad in itself, but it also has an economic impact).

Yet, no matter how many studies show the negative effects that DST has, the countries with DST still keep doing it. Why? I can't understand it. It would be for everybody's benefit if we got rid of this antiquated and detrimental practice. But no. Year after year the same thing, and not even so much as discussion in the government to have it removed.

This insanity needs to stop.

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