Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Concessions for the limitations of VR

Farpoint is one of the first video games for the PSVR that's more than just a technology demo (not the very first one, but arguably among the first three or four at most). This paragraph in the IGN review of the game grabbed my attention:
Like any good VR game, Farpoint makes concessions for the limitations of virtual reality. For example, in story missions enemies only ever come at you from the front, which lets you play the whole game without having to turn around much. By traditional shooter standards it’s boring design, but in Farpoint it helps stave off the motion sickness some people experience in VR and avoids issues with moving outside the bounds of where the PlayStation Camera can detect you or your controller.
Yeah... concessions for the limitations of virtual reality. By traditional shooter standards it's boring design.

You know, like any "good" VR game. Because that's considered good, apparently.

I'm not saying it's a bad game (I haven't played it), or that the solution isn't reasonable. Or that this is a complete show-stopper. Probably a more minor issue. I'm just putting it out there for the people who still claim that VR will revolutionize the gaming industry, expand what's possible in video games, and that traditional games will become obsolete. Yeah, right.

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