Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Prediction: SJWs will convert to Islam en masse

From time to time I like to make predictions for the near future about society. Here's one:

Some time in the near future, social justice warriors will start converting to Islam en masse.

Perhaps islamists have not yet caught on, or taken full advantage of it, but in general the regressive left, the social justice warriors, simply cannot say "no" to Muslims. But when they finally do catch on, islamists ought to have a relatively easy way to pressure SJWs to convert. The logic will go something like:

"Do you hate Islam?"
"No, of course not!"
"Do you think there's something wrong with Islam?"
"Well, if there's nothing wrong with Islam, why aren't you a Muslim?"

What can the SJWs respond to that? How can they argue to an islamist why they aren't converting to Islam? After all, they are too afraid to offer any sort of criticism of Islam, or say anything against them, for the fear of being labeled islamophobes and racists. They simply cannot say "no" to Muslims.

So, what argument could they present when an islamist asks them why they aren't converting to Islam?

When islamists eventually catch up with this, and start using it as a weapon to pressure SJWs to convert, I predict that they will start converting en masse. And when that starts happening, it will become an avalanche. The converts will start pressuring their SJW peers to convert, and so on, using psychological manipulation and shaming (of the sort of "if you don't convert, you are an islamophobe and a racist, and you are supporting the white supremacists".)

And do you know what's the scariest thing about this? The sheer amount of influence that the regressive left has on governments. Once the regressive left becomes converted to Islam, entire governments will invariably follow suit. And when governments become islamic, that's when they will start oppressing women and throwing gays off of rooftops. The only alternative, at least in some countries, is if the extremist far right gets in power instead, and starts fighting back. Which won't be much prettier.

It will be a massacre.

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