Thursday, October 20, 2016

Feminism is a strange religion

I often compare, even consider, the modern progressive feminist social justice ideology to be a religion. It might not be a theistic religion, but it has most of the hallmarks. Like many religions, it's guilt-based (you are sinful by nature, even if you think you are not), and it has its quasi-supernatural beliefs (like the "whiteness" aura that the undesirables have and which has quasi-supernatural properties) and great unseen enemies (the "patriarchy").

There's one curious difference to most other religions, though.

Look at various religious people talking about their religion. They talk about how much it brings them joy, and happiness, and fulfillment, and positiveness. And that video is just the tip of the iceberg. In general deeply religious people tend to have personal anecdotes about how unhappy they were before, how many problems they had in life, many of them even going the deep end, and how their chosen religion saved them, how it turned their life to the better, and how much happiness and joy it brought them.

Yet, when you watch feminist videos, and read their texts, quite often you see the exact opposite happening. They will recount how before they were just happy and lived normal lives, but after joining the social justice cause, they became angrier and angrier, unhappier and unhappier by they day. How they started becoming more and more paranoid and stressed. How their studies and grades suffered, how their mental health suffered, and how they started to see racism, misogyny and all the other bogeymen everywhere, at every moment. In one video, a feminist tells how she is constantly "triggered" by absolutely everything, every day, at every moment, by the most mundane of things, by everyday activities; when she wakes up, she's triggered; when she makes breakfast, she's triggered; when she leaves the house, she's triggered... and so on and so forth. In another video another feminist is speaking to an audience at a college campus, almost in tears, how bad it is to be constantly triggered, how stressful it is, and how it makes her life a living hell.

And, get this: These are not cautionary tales of ex-feminists, retelling horror stories and the reason why they left the ideology. No, these are active feminists who take these horrible symptoms as a reason to remain feminists.

It's actually quite incredible. While most other religious people revel in how much happiness and joy their religion gives them, these feminists actually revel in how much anguish and mental suffering feminism gives them. They talk about it like all that mental torture is somehow an integral part of feminism, and justifies it, and is, somehow, a reason to be a feminist and remain active in the ideology.

Ultimately, modern feminist social justice is a victim cult. Its most passionate followers embrace and revel in victimhood, in being victims. They carry their personal, often self-inflicted psychological torture, their deep unhappiness and anger, like a badge of honor. (A big part of this is probably the desire to get attention and pity from their fellow feminists.)

This kind of mental torture is not healthy. It will have its psychological consequences. When these people are deliberately getting constantly "triggered" by everything, deliberately becoming angry at and unhappy about everything, and being constantly paranoid and seeing bogeymen everywhere, that's going to erode their mental health in the long run. The human psyche just can't stand that forever, without consequences.

It's a dangerous cult, especially to its own members.

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