Monday, July 11, 2016

The SJW privilege stack is changing

Feminism and social justice is fighting for "equality", which in vernacular means that white men are treated like second-class citizens, lower than cocroaches who have no rights and can be freely oppressed and abused. All of the rest of "marginalized" groups are above them and in need of special protection and special treatment.

But, you see, not all "marginalized" groups are equal. Some are more protected than others. (This is what "equality" means, after all.) There is a de facto privilege stack in the SJW ideology, where some groups are more protected than others. This means, among other things, that groups higher up on the stack are free to abuse, oppress and take advantage of every other group below them, but must placate to every group above them. And the social justice warriors will impose that privilege and that responsibility onto those groups.

As said, white men are at the very bottom of the stack, and pretty much below cockroaches.

The very top of the stack, high above everybody else, has been taken for quite many years now by muslims. They can do pretty much what they want, and the SJWs will defend them. They can rape and harass women en masse, they can harass, throw stones at gays, and even mass murder them... it doesn't matter; they are the most protected group, and SJWs will defend them always and everywhere. (There have even been several cases now where a SJW has been raped by muslims, and she has lied to the police in order to defend them. It's that bad.)

But those two extremes are the only ones that are clear-cut. The remaining places on the stack are not that clear, and currently there is in fact a fight going on about who gets to be higher on the stack (and thus have the privilege to oppress and take advantage of everybody below them.)

LGBTwhatever people used to be quite high on the stack, but it seems that lately they have been falling lower and lower. This might be because on average they are not so loudly playing the victim card, organizing massive violent protests, harassing white people, and making all kinds of ridiculous (and illegal) special treatment demands.

It seems that black people have recently fought quite hard to get on top of them on the stack, and gain the privilege to take advantage of them.

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt Pride mural unveiling by Toronto police.

Black Lives Matter protesters stop Toronto's Pride parade.

These are just a couple of examples. They are appropriating, invading, taking advantage of and abusing other groups, very much including the gay community. And they are doing it with complete impunity. They gay community is placating to them, and submitting to their demands. They have clearly accepted their lower status on the privilege stack. And the SJWs are not objecting.

It seems that gays are now just slightly above white women, and well below black people. In fact, they may even be falling below white women, given that they are receiving a lot more abuse from the more privileged groups than women are. If this continues long enough, they might even leave the whole social justice movement and join white men at the very bottom of the stack, and become the scum of society, with no de facto rights, and to be trampled over and taken advantage of.

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