Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Paris attacks: You reap what you sow

On the 18th of September 2015, ie. almost exactly two months ago (as of writing this blog post), I made a comment on Facebook about the European mass refugee immigration, and how Europe has finally lost its mind, pretty much opening its borders to anybody who just wants to come in. I predicted that within six months there will be the first terrorist attack by "refugees" (either actual refugees, or islamic terrorists pretending to be ones.)

Well, it took only two months for my prediction to become true. To the surprise of nobody. (The exact time and place of the attack was of course unpredictable, but not the fact that a terrorist attack in the very near future is inevitable. And what do you know.)

The attack didn't surprise me in the least. However, it does anger me quite a lot. I feel anger for the fact that people have to pay with their lives for this European madness. Citizens whose opinion on the subject of opening the borders was not asked. Citizens whose tax money is used for all this. Now they are dead.

Today it was Paris. Where will the next attack be? How many more people will have to die because of this madness? I'll renew my prediction and say that within the next six months there will be another terrorist attack somewhere in Europe. (And this estimate is cautiously optimistic. I fear that the attack will come much, much sooner than that.)

Yes, open your borders, Europe. Then reap what you sow. We, the regular citizens, have to pay, both with our tax money and our lives.

I'm really angry right now.

Edit: And it took 4 months. I was right once again.

At this point is probably useless to make any more predictions. Terrorist attacks at semi-regular intervals are here to stay. And people have to pay with their lives because of it.

Congratulations Europe, you are completely retarded. And unfortunately I have to live here.

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