Monday, June 29, 2015

Harassment of women in online video games?

One of the biggest narratives of this modern feminist anti-gamer movement is that women always and constantly have to face harassment when they play online games.

That's of course bad in itself, when it does happen. However, there's a degree of dishonesty in that complaint: It completely disregards the fact that men, too, receive lots of harassment in online gaming. In fact, study after study has shown that men actually get on average more harassment than women. However, this is ignored or even outright denied by feminists. (In fact, a common claim is that a man does not have to fear harassment in online games. This is absolutely and completely false. Yet these feminists get away making claims like that, and lots of people, even many gamers, actually believe them.)

What is the major difference between men and women who are the targets of harassment in online games? The difference is that men don't complain about it. Most of them couldn't care less. Many of them laugh at it (after all, most harassment is done by sore losers.)

This is why the harassment that men experience in online gaming (which is demonstrably more frequent than what women experience) is mostly invisible: The "victims" don't care nor complain about it. Dare I say, they take it like men rather than bratty children.

Is it right for people to harass other people in online games (or anywhere else)? Of course not. Is it such a huge deal as feminists want to portray? No. Just ignore it. The harassers are idiots and retards. Be the bigger person. Don't whine like a little child whose feelings were hurt.

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