Friday, April 17, 2015

Is the United States preparing itself for a revolution?

Many sociopolitical analysts and commenters have presented the claim that the United States has pretty much stopped being a democracy, or even a republic, and become a de facto oligarchy. (An oligarchy is effectively a dictatorship where the power lies in a small minority of powerful people rather than a single individual dictator.) Both the two-party system and the fact that rich corporations and rich people have so much influence in the government, as well as a large amount of other characteristics of the government system, lead to this conclusion.

There is also the fact that the United States has the largest national debt in the world, amounting to tens of trillions of dollars, and it only keeps growing at an alarming rate each year. This is something that cannot keep growing forever. Since it cannot grow forever, something is going to happen sooner or later. It's most probably going to be an unprecedented economic crash.

Parallels have been drawn to similar situations in history, such as for example the events leading to the famous French revolution (where the French government was also an oligarchy, in addition to many other similarities.)

It's also a fact that the United States police force is being militarized beyond reason. The government is dumping boatloads of army surplus onto its police force, all the way from military gear to weapons to even assault tanks. When you watch the police in action, it really looks like a military operation, not a police operation. At many places in the United States there effectively is no police anymore, but instead it has been replaced with a paramilitary organization, with full military equipment. All this is government-funded and endorsed.

While it does indeed sound like a typical conspiracy theory, I cannot deny that all of this looks a lot like the United States government is preparing itself for something. Maybe, just maybe, they are taking precautionary measures against a possible future massive citizen revolt, ie. a revolution? Perhaps the people at the top are looking at the economy and seeing a rather grim future, a possible massive economic crash (which may even become world-wide), and are preparing themselves for the inevitable revolt that could ensue? Perhaps there's a reason why the government is militarizing the police forces and dumping astounding amounts of military equipment to them?

Some sociopolitical commentators have presented this hypothesis. It might be paranoia; it might be just another silly conspiracy theory. I hope it is.

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  1. Unfortunately, when the big one hits, all the innocent folks will be punished for it.

    Although I don't strongly believe in it, this isn't exactly impossible.
    Take a look back in history for some examples.

    I have to say that in fact, if nothing horrible or bad ever happened in this world, then this world would be REALLY, REALLY, boring! Yes, even your blog here likely wouldn't exist if there were no problems in the world.
    This actually really bugs me.
    Take safety for example. Sure it is nice, but things DO and WILL happen. It is unavoidable. Would you rather have a safe, boring, narrowly-paved lifestyle, or an interesting, although sad, life?