Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why are men more aggressive than women?

Serial killers and mass murderers tend to be overwhelmingly male (with existing but very few exceptions). Things like school shootings are almost exclusively done by males. Prison population is overwhelmingly male. Things like gang violence is likewise overwhelmingly male.

But why is this?

Scientific answer: Because men have on average significantly more testosterone production than women. Testosterone is a hormone that affects behavior and causes things like aggression and being more prone to taking risks. (Testosterone also causes men to be on average stronger than women, which only aggravates the imbalance in physical violence in an altercation between a man and a woman.)

Feminist answer: Because our deeply-ingrained sexist patriarcal culture and values. If we just taught our male children to behave better, and got rid of those sexist cultural values, men would stop being so aggressive.

I'm sorry, but you won't change the difference in testosterone production via education and upbringing. That's just a scientific fact.

And no, I'm not trying to excuse of justify male violence with this (as is so typical for feminists to interpret such things). I'm just stating facts. You are ignoring biology and misattributing things.

What feminists are doing is reversing cause and effect. Certain cultural concepts about male behavior does not cause aggression in males. Rather, those cultural concepts exist because of male aggression. The culture is caused by, not the cause of, male aggression. By combating the culture you are not fixing the problem; you are simply hiding the symptoms.

You can somewhat alleviate the side-effects of testosterone via education and upbringing, but that shouldn't be confused for the reason why males tend to be more aggressive than females, nor should one fool oneself to believe that education will be the ultimate solution. There is no ultimate solution unless you want to castrate all males at birth. It's just something that we have to cope with and try to minimize the negative side-effects as best as we can.


  1. The first paragraph contains an unpleasant list of superlatives. You have overdone the adverb overwhelmingly. It's a rather dramatic word and an ugly one at that
    Hope you don't mind my comment. Your site is attractive though

    1. I suppose there is a bit of redundancy there... I should perhaps learn to use a thesaurus.