Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The unprotected minority

Some time ago it was estimated that in the UK over half of the population belonged to some minority that had special legal protection from discrimination. In other words, quite ironically, there exists a minority of people (ie. under 50% of the population) in the UK that enjoys no special legal protection from discrimination. In other words, it's the only unprotected minority. The only "acceptable target".

I don't know if the "unprotected" (which usually means "white males") are the minority in other western countries, but the condition of being an "acceptable target" is something that's not much discussed, at least in any other way than to belittle them.

In the modern ultra-politically-correct world there is one group of people that does not enjoy any form of special protection against being offended: White males. They are being constantly insulted by society, and this is somehow considered acceptable, and the norm.

In fact, many people who might read this will immediately assume that I'm some kind of "men's rights activist", sexist, or any number of other terms thrown mostly as an insult. The mere attempt at discussing the phenomenon often elicits assumptions, insults and belittling (which just demonstrates my point quite well.)

Many feminists keep throwing concepts like "male privilege" (which usually means white "male privilege", as they seldom include non-white people in the group), usually as a form of shaming. Apparently I should feel some kind of guilt or shame for being "privileged", even though it's not something I chose or can do anything about. Apparently I'm a completely acceptable and free target for insults and shaming because I happen to be of the wrong gender (and the wrong ethnicity), and I just have to learn to accept it.

This is rather unique. Most often if someone has some kind of defect (physical or otherwise) that they cannot help and didn't choose (eg. because it's innate), it's considered impolite to point it out and use it as a form of shaming. Being a white male is one of the very few exceptions to this. They are free to be shamed and insulted for being white males, and this is apparently completely acceptable, and they should just suck it.

They are, effectively, the only unprotected minority. You would never get away with publicly insulting a woman, or a non-white man, because of them being women or non-white. You would get severe scorn, sometimes even legal prosecution. The only people who you can freely insult and shame because of their gender and/or ethnicity is white males. It doesn't even matter if they are using their "privilege" or acting in an unacceptable manner. They might be the nicest people in the world, yet still should just submit to the insults and shut up about it.

White males cannot even publicly complain about this situation without being immediately accused of all kinds of things, called names, and belittled.

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