Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Firefox versioning number, take 2

I have complained about this in a past blog post, but man...

Firefox 30.0 just came out and... well, nothing really. The version number has become completely meaningless with this software. Not only does it not tell if this is a major, a minor or a bugfix release, this time the "what's new" page that it loads the first time doesn't even tell what's actually new (at least not clearly.)

This has reached a point where even they themselves don't care much about what has really changed. Or at least they don't care much about telling you. This is completely ridiculous.

It really doesn't make any difference at all whether this is Firefox 30 or Firefox 154. The number means absolutely nothing.

This is rather unique among popular software that has version numbering (or an equivalent naming scheme). For example with most programming language compilers the version number is quite a big deal (especially if it's a major version increment.) The same is true for operating systems, office software suites etc. Especially it's true for other web browsers. With Firefox, however, the version number has lost all meaning.

Why do they do this? It makes no sense.

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