Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Android sucks

I recently bought a new Android smartphone because my previous one is really bad. The first time I charged it, it lasted for slightly over a week before the battery got drained. This was quite an improvement over the 3-day duration of my previous smartphone. It also demonstrated quite clearly and unambiguously that this cellphone has a stand-by time of at least one week.

Now, after just a few weeks, the stand-by time has dropped to less than 2 days. This is worse than my previous ultra-cheap smartphone (which at least had a stand-by time of about 3 days.) According to the system info, the majority of the battery usage is taken by "Android OS" (which takes over 50% of the battery consumption right now.)

I have searched online for info on this, and this has revealed one of the major reasons why Android sucks. Nobody has any freaking idea what causes this. People make wild speculations and there are almost as many "solutions" to the problem as there are people. Online threads are stock full of people making wild suggestions, as well as people saying "this helped me" and then someone answering "it didn't help in my case".

And get this: I see many forums where people express happiness when they succeeded in improving their battery life from something like 10 hours to about 24 hours. When the phone is idle.

Yes, you read that right. They are happy when they succeed in improving their battery life to 1 day. When the phone is idle. It's like we are back in the 1980's.

This is just completely ridiculous. I know for a fact that this cellphone is capable of a stand-by time of at least one week, it's now at less than 2 days, and people out there are happy when they have a one day stand-by time. The stand-by time of these Android systems decreases over time, and does so ridiculously quickly (in just a few weeks, or even days, after first use.) And nobody has a freaking idea what causes this.

That's Android for you.

This is ridiculous. No other cellphone system does this.

And do you know what's another reason that Android sucks? Although, to be completely fair, it's not a fault in the Android system itself, but rather the software market built around it.

Do you think the "free" games you get from the iPhone App store are bad in terms of in-app purchases and advertisements? If so, then you haven't used an Android. Many of the "free" games you get for the Android turn this up to eleven. They constantly pester you with ads, even when you are not playing the game. Yes, that's right; even if you aren't playing the game, they may run in the background showing ads in the status bar. This level of obnoxiousness is almost matched by the ads in the games themselves. This goes so far that some games are actually really confusing to play, when you can't even distinguish what's an ad screen and what's an actual game screen, and how you should proceed. This can be so frustrating that you simply end up uninstalling the game (and yes, I'm talking from experience.)

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