Sunday, August 18, 2013

One big problem with school bullying

School bullies get away with it, and they know it. And that's one of the biggest problems about it.

There's an infamous recent video where a reporter crew was going to interview a high school student who was a long-time victim of bullying. While he was approaching the crew, bullies chased him away. On camera.

The bullies were quite clearly aware of the reporters and the camera because they taunted the boy about it (with things like "what are you going to film?" and such.) The clearly saw the crew filming them. And they didn't care. They still chased the boy away, shouting at him.

This shows the problem perfectly: Bullies are so accustomed to getting away with their bullying that they don't even have to care. Not even if there's a reporter crew filming them with a camera that they can clearly see.

The sad thing is that they are right. Nobody will ever do anything of any severity to them. They are "minors", which means that they are practically untouchable in our western culture. Nobody can do anything to them. The people who theoretically could do the most about it are their parents, and more often that not, the parents of bullies are either completely apathetic, in denial, unwilling, or outright delusional, and will not do anything, or won't do nearly enough.

Bullies learn this very quickly.

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