Friday, March 29, 2013

Hatred of the Twilight saga

I have commented in previous posts, how among "armchair movie critics" and internet reviewers it seems to be an unwritten rule that if the majority of other people detest a particular movie (or franchise) then everyone must detest it, lest their credibility be tarnished.

There are many, many examples of this. For instance, you absolutely must detest the Star Wars prequel trilogy (especially the first film), the second and third Matrix movies and, as a more minor example, the Battleship movie. If you don't, then you are strange and without any credibility.

Personally I would add the Twilight saga to this list. Especially the first movie. It's, once again, one of those movie franchises that everybody must hate, because everybody else also hates them. It's not even allowed to say "it was ok." Even that's too much.

I'm not saying that the Twilight movies are the best masterpieces ever made (after all, only an extremely small minority of all movies can be,) but they are definitely not anywhere even near to the worst movies ever made. (For a personal list of those, see here.)

The movies (and obviously the books they are based on) are quite clearly aimed primarily at teenage girls. However, once you get past that, I think that they are enjoyable, especially the first movie (the next ones start to get a bit bland and repetitive.) Perhaps not great, but certainly enjoyable. That's certainly much better than many other movies I have seen.

Hating the Twilight saga is more of a meme than anything else. Everybody hates it because everybody else hates it, and if you ever express anything else than pure hatred towards it, you are considered strange. (You don't even have to like it. It's enough to simply not hate it. Even a "it's just ok" is too much.)

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