Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's trendy, therefore it sucks

There exists a rather curious type of person. This is typically a young adult, or at most middle-aged, and they might in fact be computer adepts, if not even outright computer nerds, who like technology, innovation and progress... yet they still somehow manage to act like an old fart who detests everything that's new and trendy, who's constantly saying "bah, these kids today and their shiny gadgets... back in my day..." (They don't literally say that, but they act like it.)

It seems that these people detest and denigrate anything that's new, flashy and popular, for the sole reason that it's popular. Especially if it's new technology. Out of principle, not because of any actual rationale. If it's trendy and hip, it must suck.

There are people who still detest and denigrate, for example, the iPhone. Not for any rational reason, but just because it's popular. They also usually denigrate even the idea of something like browsing the web using a cellphone, often without ever having even tried themselves (or if they have, they have done it for like 10 seconds, with a highly biased attitude.)

They will often use exaggeration to try to make things sound worse than they are. They will describe cellphone displays as being "postal stamp sized", they will say how you have to "hold it a few inches from your eyes to see anything" (that's something like 10 cm, give or take) and so on. They will also invent flaws that the thing doesn't have (such as "the screen gets dirty in just a few minutes, making it unusable.")

The technology doesn't even have to always be new and flashy. It's enough for it to be popular. For example quite many people even today outright refuse to make a Facebook account, even if it could be useful to them (eg. to communicate with a playgroup or similar.) Not because of any rational reason, but solely because it's popular. Mind you, these exact same people might have accounts in a dozen of random online forums that they frequently visit. What makes Facebook so different from them, they cannot say (other than an implied "it's popular, therefore I oppose it.")

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  1. The author is incredibly ignorant to these wise people he pretends to have a grasp on. I am one of them and I can give you damn good reasons why trendy people and things SUCK. Cell phones suck because they literally SUCK, the life out of our societ, destroying human to human interaction, spelling and grammar skills and create intolerably rude people! "Connected" is in reality disconnected. Use your head! The a**hole in front of you who's sitting at the red light has their face buried in a cell. The rude b***h you just took out on date and payed for everything actually just pulled her cell out in the middle of you talking to her. You don't have a problem with that??? People walking off cliffs, into fountains, traffic... get a grip on reality people. That's just the cell phone epidemic, you want more I can go on for days. Trendy trash is in general, nothing but a way for you to be a boring, thoughtless, content free wallflower with nothing interesting or redeeming about your miserable existence. Congrats, you have the same number of flash art tattoos and $250 designer jeans as your favorite reality tv star! You anti individual you, your on the path to total enlightenment, just stay asleep you big dummies you. DONE.