Sunday, September 30, 2012

Evil Dead 2

There seems to be a really strange consensus that the movie Evil Dead 2 is better than the first The Evil Dead movie. Having seen both several times, I just can't comprehend the reasoning.

The first movie is a very low-budgeted pure horror film. Regardless of its extremely low budget, it's really well made. The authors really utilized every limited resource they had to make the best film they possibly could, and it really shows. Many of the special effects might be simplistic and antiquated even by the standards of the time, but they are surprisingly well made and effective taking into account what they had to work with and how little money they had.

In short, as a horror film it's really effective and well made. It's gory, it's gritty, it's gruesome, it's seriously made, and it doesn't shy showing you the goriness in full detail.

The second movie is not a sequel. It has a relatively short segment at the beginning that's a kind of remake of the first movie, changing many details (such as the amount of people who went to the cabin the first time), and then there's a continuation to this half-remake, which constitutes the rest of the movie. (AFAIK the reason why it's not a pure sequel and why they "remade" the first movie with changed details as an introduction has something to do with the authors having lost the rights to the original movie or something like that.)

The three major problems with the second movie are that it's not a horror film but instead a comedy ("horror comedy" some would say), it does not take itself seriously and instead goes for a supposedly "badass" protagonist (that's more hammy than "badass"), and unlike its predecessor it censors itself from showing the gorier scenes, which makes little sense.

In short, it's like a bastardized version of the first film that has been remade and self-censored to get a lower MPAA rating, and which substitutes pure gory horror for slapstick comedy. And for some inexplicable reason most people think it's better than the first film!

They are going to release a(nother) remake of The Evil Dead in 2013. I already know it's going to suck because I'm almost completely sure that they will make it like the second movie instead of like the first one, just because the second one is considered better. Kudos to them if they make it a pure horror movie, but I'm not holding my breath.

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