Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ok, enough with politics

I originally created this blog to vent my frustration about various topics, but only half seriously. Smaller things, "first world problems", like why some movie sucks, or why some behavior is stupid. All in good taste, while still perhaps making some good valid points.

The blog, however, has at large devolved into me ranting about SJWs and the regressive left. I still try to occasionally write about completely unrelated things, but there seems to be no end to the SJW stupidity, and it seems to be an endless swamp.

I have decided to ease on that subject. There are plenty of people already pointing out all these things out there (especially on YouTube). There's no need for me to write about it. I'd like to return to the earlier days of this blog, where I rant about much lighter and innocuous topics, like entertainment. No need to devolve this blog into yet another anti-SJW channel. No need to seep that poison here. They are poisoning society enough already.

It doesn't mean I will never, ever again write about the subject, but only very rarely.

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