Saturday, October 22, 2016

Will people just shut up about "4k" already?

The "8.5th" generation of consoles is being published at this moment, with the Xbox One S, the PS4 Pro and the "Project Scorpio" upcoming Xbox console.

When you watch reviews about this eg. on YouTube, it seems that all people can talk about is "4k". 4k this. 4k that. Does it support 4k? Is the 4k support good enough? 4k here. 4k there. 4k 4k 4k 4k 4k 4k 4k 4k 4k 4k 4k...

Please SHUT UP about 4k already! I'm getting sick and tired of it. What strange obsessive compulsive disorder do people have with "4k". Who the fucking cares? Isn't there anything more important and relevant to talk about than the fucking "4k"?

Sheesh. It's like "4k" is the next coming of Christ or something. I don't care. Nobody cares. Shut up about it already.

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